Rome Choir Festival

  1. Rome Choir Festival will take place in Rome (Italy) from the 9th to 14th
  2. Participation is open to any choirs or singing groups within the closing date on 10th. Applicants can participate by completing the following application form – which must include a photograph of the choir and its conductor – and sending the application form by post or e-mail.

Application Form Page

 Application Form PDF

  1. The selected contestants will be published on the Festival website by the closing date.
  2. In cases of special circumstances, please contact the Festival management for further information before the closing date.
  3. To confirm their participation, the selected choirs are required to pay a non-refundable admission fee of 10 Euros per person no later than 15th May, to be paid by PayPal or credit card to or into the following-account:

IBAN: IT69 N030 6905 1206 1526 2935 787


  1. The Festival has three sections:
  • Section 1: “Open air” performances (compulsory)
  • Section 2: Competition
  • Section 3: Concerts
  1. Choirs are required to perform in at least two sections: the first section of the festival – the “Open-air performances” – is obligatory while the choirs can choose any second sections they prefer. Performing in more than two sections is also allowed.
  1. Description of the Festival sections:


Section 1

In this “Open-air performances” section, the choirs are required to perform a 10/20-minute programme of their choice in several venues outdoors. The “Open-air performances” section is part of the Opening ceremony and its main purpose is to draw a wider public attention to the Festival. The songs performed in this section can be performed again in other sections.

Section 2

To participate in this Competition section, the choirs are required to perform an approximately 15-minute programme of their choice. It is strongly recommended that the programme contains different styles of choral music.

Although the programme is intended for choral only, up to two compositions accompanied by any instruments will be allowed and they may last no longer than 5 minutes altogether. A panel of judges will evaluate different aspects of the choirs’ performances, at the end of which the choirs will be awarded with diplomas:

  • below 70 points: a participation diploma
  • 70 to 79,99 points: a III prize diploma
  • 80 to 89.99 points: a II prize diploma
  • 90 to 100 points: a I prize diploma

The choirs will be divided in several categories and subcategories:

  • Category A – children’s choirs

(2/3 of the participants must be 15 or younger)

  • Category B – youth choirs

(2/3 of the participants must be 25 or younger)

  • Category C – adult choirs

(1/3 of the participants must be older than 25)

B & C subcategories may be added in case the categories are oversubscribed.

The best choirs selected will contend the final concert where the contestants will compete for the Grand Prix of the Festival. The final winner will be awarded with diploma “Grand Prix: the best choir on the Festival.” 

Section 3

In the concerts section the choirs are required to perform 10 to 15 min. free choice program from pop, folk or sacred music.

For all Festival sections except for the “Open-air” performances, only the piano will be provided by the Festival organisation.

  1. By applying to the Festival the choir agrees to respect and to regulate the legal rights of the authors of the works it performs and agrees to give rights to the Festival to use any materials recorded during the Festival.
  2. Choirs’ information are provided by the participants themselves, and the Festival does not take any responsibility for their accuracy. (i.e., the name of the choir, the town and the country they represent, the names of the compositions or composers, etc.)
  3. The Organization Committee has the right to make any last-minute programme change if needed, which does not include fees or accommodation prices that will remain as agreed.